set list for midnight yoga for alcoholics – sixty minutes

        1. Cat in the Fridge. This poem was published in my new book: of ash of brick of water. Watch the video HERE

        2. Sam McGee. This lyric alludes to the famous poem by Robert Service but is a reworked discourse on the plight of modern man.

        3. Bull Dog.  Like Love Comes Stealing in the Room below, this is an old school prison song that we have written text over and think it has a real sound all of it’s own. 

    4. Green River. This is also an “old school” song about slavery and oppression which has been re-worked to include the holocaust.

           5. Love Comes Stealing. This is a postmodern de-construction of a very old traditional piece. I have overlaid lyrics to the basic structure of the song.                    

            6. Grace. This poem is about my daughter Grace and was published by B-House Publishing House in February 2010 in of ash of brick of water. Watch the video HERE

           7. Women on the Verge of Loving. Inspired by a poem about men written by Gail Harris this poem is a celebration of the diversity of women in the world. We use a tradition African woman’s chant Djolé (also known as Jolé or Yolé) that is a mask dance from the Temine people in Sierra Leone. The blues parlance for the type of guitar work used with this piece is called “spank-the-monkey” Watch the video HERE

    8. Long Train This poem deals with the tragic life of a heroine addict whom I have been acquainted with over the years. Watch the video HERE

    9. Take Me to Banff. This is another poem off my new book of ash of brick of water and has a magical rhythm to it that will translate to music very comfortably. The audience went crazy for this at the Banff Centre.

        10. Thinking in Waves. This song was written several years ago but never produced. It is a meditation on a broken love affair.

        11. Future Blues. Once again we take an old song and add new lyrics to it.

        12. Pony Blues.  Old hokum blues song with sexual playful lyrics. We have added a call and response structure.

Love Comes Stealing

Take Me to Banff