midnight yoga for alcoholic

To enrol for classes  take these three simple steps:

Step One. Grab a back porch gut-bucket of  blues.

The kind that creeps out of the Mississippi delta like a snake tongued slide guitar. The label should read old school and include equal chunks of stone hoodoo, nightshade, and ghost trains.

Step Two. In to the bucket blend in the modern cadences of incisive spoken word. Make sure that you can taste the city.

Step Three. How to serve.

Garnish with a jazzed penny whistle.

Age for at least five decades and serve cold. 

You are now enrolled in sound fusion.

You are making the culture with words.

As old as the poet and as new as the microphone.

Welcome to midnight yoga for alcoholics.

“Fantastic performance Kirk! I look forward to the next one.”

                    Francis A Willey /Musician

“You RAWKED tonight!! Bravo!!”

Lori D. Roadhouse Haney /Poet

“You guys were wonderful and entertaining! Thanks so much for being apart of our series.”

Stephanie Davis /Publisher

"...absolutely stunning and burrows into the soul and begins to sing its own songs."

John Frey/Publisher

The performance you did at Twin Butt, had me in tears and it roiled and boiled in my soul.  Thank you for being you!

                         Carol Desjarlais /Poet